A Progress Update

It's been about 4 months since sharing that I'm trans. I figure now is a good enough time for a progress report on what's been happening.

I started Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on the 3rd of December. It's been quite the roller-coaster ride. It feels nice now that my brain matches my hormones. The physical changes have started, even though they're very slow. I found a friend that started HRT on the same day. We have been sharing notes on experiences and changes. It has been helpful to have someone going through the same thing at the same time.

I'm not presenting full time in Oklahoma, but I did spend a week in California where I presented full time. That was amazing! It put everything into perspective how nice it is to recognized as your true self.

I'm doing good. Still a long way to go on this journey, and while there have been ups and downs. I'm very happy.

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