When Luna was three years old, she came out to her mother, Dr. Georgulas, that she felt like a girl. Now, four years later, she is presenting as female in public and at school. Everything seems to be going great, except for one major issue. Her mother had her marriage annulled in 2015 a year after Luna shared her gender identity. During the battle for custody, Dr. Georgulas was given sole control over decisions for both her children's medical care, psychological care, and education. This was awarded by an 11-1 decision in a jury trial.

The father, Mr. Younger, has filed suit claiming that Dr. Georgulas is sexually abusing their "son" by "forcing him to identify as transgender." When the news broke that a Texas judge overruled that jury's decision giving Mr. Younger a say in Luna's care, my heart broke.

I feel for this young girl. She was courageous in voicing her identity issues to Mom. They sought care from a pediatrician, who diagnosed Luna with a "gender identity disorder." She helped Luna begin to present as a female socially. Her teachers began calling her Luna. Mom is on board with allowing her to take puberty blockers when they become necessary and if Luna still identifies as a girl. They will temporarily delay the start of her puberty until she is legally an adult. At that point, she can decide to being HRT and go through female puberty or come off the blockers and go through male puberty.

Luna's father, in a classic case of transphobia, had decided that his "son" shouldn't be allowed to "dress up like a drag queen." Stating, "he is not old enough to know what he feels like." As someone who's earliest memories pertain to the desire to be a girl, I can promise you, Luna knows. But the advice of doctors, psychologists, and standards of care didn't keep the right from latching onto the boogeyman that is trans people.

I shared one of the many articles published about this case with someone whose opinion I respect but often disagree with. I enjoy sharing things that I know we won't agree on. It challenges me and hopefully prevents me from living in an echo chamber. My comment that accompanied the link contained a volatile descriptor for my feelings about the "right." In their response was the phrase, "I trust you are not tarring every person deemed "Christian" and/or "right wing [sic]" with that emotion."

Growing up, any time I wanted to watch a movie, see a show or listen to music that had objectionable content, I was asked a simple question; "If your mother makes a batch of brownies but mixes just a tiny bit of dog poop in, would you still eat it?" Most of my youth, I considered this the correct approach. As I've gotten older, my opinion on this has shifted. There will always be something wrong in society. But there is a difference between voicing a controversial opinion and calling for violence against someone/something you don't agree with.

For example, are there "bad police?" I say, yes. The vast majority of the police force is "good." The people who strap on the gun and badge every day and genuinely want to serve and protect. But, those small numbers of the bad are causing real harm in this country. Massive changes are needed to cull the systemic problems created by these few bad apples.

If someone says, "gays shouldn't get married." I will assume that they are a backward hill-billy, but backward hill-billies are entitled to an opinion. When they start actively trying to prevent marriage between two people, then their beliefs are infringing on other people's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They don't want to let a gay couple get married in their place of worship? Fine. But trying to prevent a couple from being married in the eyes of the government is not okay.

The right has latched onto this poor girl's case and are using it as a platform to decry all parents of trans children who are merely trying to make their children feel comfortable as a human. The father's case is built around a seven-year-old not being old enough to decide if a permanent medical transition is right for them. And he's not wrong. But Luna isn't attempting to permanently medically transition. She's asking to be referred to as she & be called by the name Luna. The supporters of the father are mostly conservative and include names like Donald Trump Jr, Senator Ted Cruz, and Gov Greg Abbott of Texas.

Instead of looking at the facts, the people supporting Mr. Younger have latched onto the rhetoric spewed by those few bad apples. They are intentionally trying to endanger a child's mental health at a vital time in her life because they are scared of a boogeyman that doesn't exist. It's not just people being angry, there are fully grown "adults" sending death threats to a young child. Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated incident. Just last year, a small town in Oklahoma had to cancel classes because of death threats received in response to a 12-year-old trans-girl walking into the wrong bathroom.

I cry for Luna. Because of the bigotry of her father, she will grow up resenting him. And if he wins, who knows what's next for her. I hope that one day, he will see the pain he has caused his daughter.

It's time to make a systemic change to the culture in this country. And the only way to do that is to vote. Don't allow a party filled with some dog excrement, ruin this entire country. I like brownies, and I want to eat them without the taste of dog shit.