New House, Who This?

I have lived in a travel trailer since February 2018. I spent two weeks in an RV park in San Diego as a safeguard that if I hated it immediately, I could pull the ripcord and find an apartment.

Open Range

At the end of the two weeks, I picked up my Dad at the airport, met my friend Nikki at a rest stop on the 15 to pick up my new 8-week-old puppy Sterling, then we headed for Texas.

Since that first road trip, Sterling and I have been to 46 of the lower 48 states and traveled over 130,000 miles. We have seen some spectacular scenery.

Colorado Mountains

Ice on the trees in Bend

Sterling in Montana

The Open Range was a great weekend trip camper. But the miles began to build up, and living inside full time took its toll on the interior. Finally, after a hail storm in May 2022 that broke the bathroom skylight, I had had enough. I called a Grand Design dealer in Texas and worked out a deal on a new Reflection 341RDS over the phone. From watching many YouTube RVers, I knew I wanted a Grand Design. I have walked through enough of them that I felt comfortable purchasing a trailer sight unseen.

Grand Design Reflection 341RDS & Ram 3500

Sterling and I are excited to begin this new chapter of our lives in a new, much larger home.