RV Journey

A few years ago the company I work for announced that on your 5 year workaversary you would get to take a sabbatical. Needless to say I was stoked. I was still about a year away from 5 years, but I begain thinking about all the cool things I could do. Travel the world, stay inside for 4 weeks and play video games, or even get a dog and travel around the US.

I-70 in Colorado. On the way to San Diego

I decided that traveling the US was a better use of my time. So I began planning a mega RV trip. I started from San Diego, CA and headed up to Salt Lake City, UT.

I-15 in California
I-15 in Utah

I only stayed 1 day in Salt Lake City, but it was a great day. I'll be back to spend some more time and explore the city.

Sterling ready to get back on the road.

After Salt Lake City I kept heading north on I-15 to Boseman, MT. I've always wanted to see Yellowstone, and I have friends in Boseman, so it was the best place to stop and explore.


I spent a full day driving around Northern Yellowstone. That weekend they opened the Beartooth Highway. So I spent the day and drove it. It's a long drive but 100% worth it.

Beartooth Highway
There was still a TON of snow in early June!

After spending nearly a full week in Boseman I headed east across North Dakota to Minnesota. I spent a couple days in Crookston parked in my Grandmas driveway.

After a few great days off the road & not in a campground it was time to hit it.

Fuel in Minnesota(?)

I headed into Wisconsin, but didn't stay long.

Driving through Green Bay

After an utter disaster of a campground in South West Wisconsin I pushed through to Chicago, catching the end of rush hour.

Don't worry, I was in standstill traffic.

I didn't take any photos as I crossed Ohio. I spent a few needed days off the road in New York, right on the shore of Lake Erie (no photos). I continued my treck to the northeast and crossed into Vermont.

Vermont is real pretty y'all

Next up was a 2 day break in Maine. I got a TON of question about the truck. I guess they don't see a ton of vehicles with Texas plates that far North.

Not a bad view for a roadside rest stop

From Maine I drove direct all the way to Annapolis, MD by far my longest travel day of the entire road trip.

Yeah... Probably should have stopped

Also managed to hit NYC at 4pm. I do not advise...

But I had a appointment to listen to Take Me Home Country Roads while I crossed into West Virgina. I'm proud to report, mission accomplished.

After West Virgina I headed to North Carolina for an oil change then down to Alabama where I met up with a friend, ate some good BBQ and explored some land he's prepping to build a house on.

I'm not gonna lie, by this point Sterling and I were both "over it." The original plan was to end up in Cape Canaveral for a SpaceX launch. But I put off booking a campground, so by the time I got around to looking anything decent and close was full.

After a full 8000 miles in 42 days, we arrived at the campground in Oklahoma where I am currently.

States I've pulled the trailer through
Phew. We made it!
What a way to be welcomed home!

It was a phenominal trip! I'm so grateful to have such a generous boss that lets me take such a big chunk of time off to go exploring this great country.

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